Stephan Schober

Hi, nice to see you! 👋
I studied computer science in Linz and work at Roomle.
Below you'll find a chronological list of all my side projects.

Tesla Charge Bot

Charges your Tesla based on the hourly rates of Awattar. No hardware required 💚

Tesla OAuth, Nuxt3, MongoDB, Docker, Cloudflare

Portfolio Website

Wanted to create an overview of all the project I've done over the years. Also wanted to build a site with Astro 😅

Astro, Cloudflare, Vercel

AI Poem Generator

Generate poems using Open AIs chatGPT 🤖. Focus was on building something with Open AIs API and marketing a simple product.

Nuxt3, Docker, Open AI, MongoDB Atlas, Stripe, Cloudflare, Typescript


Render 3D models directly into HTML image tags 🌊.

Nuxt3, glTF, Rendering, Docker, Stripe, Firebase, Koa, Puppeteer, WebGL, Model Viewer


A JS library to help with crypto taxes 🗠. Supports importing CSV files from various exchanges and blockchain explorers.

Yargs, Semantic release, Coingecko API, NPM, Typescript

RNDR Stats

Dashboard for RNDR token node operators to monitor their machines. 📊

Nuxt2, AWS, Netlify, MySql, Powershell, Ethereum & Polygon Blockchain, Typescript

Polygon Love

Collection of all 3D related projects I created 🤍. glTF VR viewer, ORM generator, glTF side by side comparison.

Nuxt2, 3D, Threejs, VR, glTF, ORM/ARM, Javascript

Mittagsmarken Android App

Digital food stamps for employees which are tax free 🎫. Receipts can be scanned in the app and employees will get cash back at the end of the month.

AndroidX, ML Kit, Kotlin

Sprit Club

Website, Android and iOS app to compare fuel prices ⛽

Nuxt2, Google Cloud, Android, Open Street Maps, Nominatim, Java, Kotlin

Mittag Android App

Co-founded - Overview of all the daily lunch options near your location 📍

Android, REST, Java

Hatch App

An Android app for bird/falcon breeding 🦅 which helps you calculate ideal egg weight loss.

Bootstrap, Android, Firebase, Java


First big project I started, also founded a GmbH. Location based event search engine 📅

Bootstrap, Ionic, Jersey, Geohash, Java